‘Enormous’ bass flute to feature at concert

October 01 2018
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A bass flute features in the latest charity concert by Nicola Woodward and friends, which the musician describes as ‘really enormous’, and encourages people to come and see it.

The evening on October 12th will feature ‘Seven Pieces for Severn Ages’ played by candlelight.  One of them is ‘A Lovely Story’ by Anze Rozman, for three flutes, alto flute and the bass flute.  

The concert is being held at St Oswald’s Church, Rockhampton, from 7.45 to 8.45pm. Tickets are £10, £5 for under 16s, and include a glass of wine. Proceeds go to the War Child Charity. For information contact Nicki Barnes on 07973 796508 or via email nicki@tombarnes.co.uk