Anonymous donor helps tackle speeding in villages

April 03 2021
Anonymous donor helps tackle speeding in villages

AN anonymous donor is helping to keep drivers inside the speed limit in Olveston and Tockington.

The businessman is funding a vehicle-activated speed sign (VAS), which gives motorists a smiley face and 'thank-you' message if they are staying within the limit, for Olveston Parish Council.

Councillors say the use of the signs in the villages is producing "staggering" results, cutting the number of speeding drivers by half.

The sign is part of a SpeedWatch initiative set up following growing concerns about speeding through the parish, as a partnership between volunteers from the community, the police, parish and other councils.

Concerns were raised that motorists breaking limits on the villages roads were often unaware of the impact their speeding had on residents or the danger they pose to other road users, particularly as the COVID-19 pandemic has seen an increase in the number of people walking in the village.

There was no finding for a speed sign until the anonymous donor stepped forward to give the parish council £2,500 to buy its own VAS.

The donor said: "If it makes the village safer and helps to prevent an accident, then surely that is all any of us want.

"It’s about being part of and supporting the community that supports both myself and my business.

"I wanted to give something back, and it’s just great knowing I’m able to help."

Parish Council Chairman John Hughes said the device was definitely having an effect.

He said: “There’s been a significant reduction in the speed of traffic on our roads.

"Speeding has been cut by nearly 50% since the introduction of the device.

"We are incredibly grateful for the help in making this possible."

Olveston Parish Council covers several villages, hamlets and outlying areas, including Olveston, Old Down, Tockington, Lower Hazel, Woodhouse Down, Ingst and Awkley.

The Council has nine elected or co-opted councillors, serving four-year terms, and a part-time clerk.

Its responsibilities include interacting with South Gloucestershire Council on issues including highways and traffic, representing the interests of residents.

Picture: Olveston's vehicle-activated speed sign.