Anti-social behaviour tackled by police patrols

September 29 2017

POLICE launched a crackdown on anti-social behaviour in Thornbury by introducing dedicated patrols into the town.

POLICE launched a crackdown on anti-social behaviour in Thornbury by introducing dedicated patrols into the town.

They were responding to a number of reports of groups of teenagers gathering in rowdy groups, shouting and swearing, climbing onto roofs, drinking alcohol, dropping litter, fighting, causing damage and riding mopeds and motorbikes anti-socially.

Neighbourhood Inspector Clive Summerill said: “Neighbourhood officers have been working to tackle isolated incidents of anti-social behaviour (ASB) in a number of locations in Thornbury for several months.

“Over the summer, reports increased and the team is currently being supported in carrying out extra patrols by officers from other beats.”

He said about a dozen boys and girls aged 15 and 16 had been identified as being involved in such behaviour or found in an area where problems had been reported.

Letters were written to their parents and carers and officers were also working with schools and youth organisations to raise awareness of the consequences of getting involved in such behaviour.

Insp Summerill said: “Where we have evidence of criminal offences we will be taking positive action, which could include prosecution.”

During one weekend, a team of six officers and police and community support officers patrolled Thornbury, speaking with residents and young people.

They responded to reports of around 20 under-age teenagers drinking alcohol in the grounds of the Castle School but most ran away when officers arrived, leaving open bottles and cans of alcohol which was poured away.

Two 16-year-old girls were found to be in possession of unopened cans of alcohol. One of their mothers arrived and collected the alcohol and all were given words of advice.

Police also responded to complaints of a loud house party in Dovedale. Officers were denied access to the property and although the householders were not at home, they returned when contacted by the officers and asked most of the people to leave.

Insp Summerill said: “It’s important to remember that the majority of young people do not get involved in ASB. Officers spoke to a number of teenagers who were in small groups in the town and who did not cause any problems.”

He said anyone witnessing ASB or who was affected by it should report it to the police or to South Gloucestershire Council's ASB team by emailing or calling 01454 868582.