Armstrong Hall redevelopment team ready for next steps

October 01 2018
Armstrong Hall redevelopment team ready for next steps

The Armstrong Hall redevelopment group is ready to help recruit a person or organisation to develop a fundraising strategy and business plan.

In March, the Armstrong Hall Trust decided to re-build the venue on the existing site.  It appealed for anyone with expertise who could help progress the project to come forward and join a working group. Cllr Clive Parkinson, Chair of the Armstrong Hall redevelopment group said: “We had a great response to our appeal for expertise and have some strong skills sets within the working group to help advise us on the way forward.”

This group has had presentations from the architects and consultants who worked on the project plans as part of the decision making process.  

It’s now ready to support the Trust in recruiting a person or organisation which can help the initiative move forward. 

The fundraising which has already taken place, and is ongoing, is expected to be an integral part of any grant applications made under a fundraising strategy. Cllr Shirley Holloway, Mayor of Thornbury and Chair of the Hall Trust said: “The Community is a key part to moving this project forward. There has already been a significant amount of funds raised from various groups and partners in the Community to go towards the funds required which is great evidence for potential funders that this truly is a Community project.” 

 Copies of the consultation report are available from the Town Hall or from