Bike ride raises over £7,500 for Thornbury charity

August 23 2018
Bike ride raises over £7,500 for Thornbury charity

A woman from Almondsbury who has an incurable brain tumour has successfully raised thousands of pounds for the charity which is supporting her.

Julie Harvey was diagnosed with a grade-four brain tumour (glioblastoma) in November 2016.  She turned to the Thornbury based charity Brain Tumour Support and has sessions with its specialist counsellor. 

She said: “I don’t think I could have coped without her. Dealing with my diagnosis is draining. I go to see my counsellor; my mask comes off. I can scream and shout and then I am Julie again!

120 cyclists took part in the ride, with three challenging routes of 33km, 65km and 85km starting from Thornbury Sailing Club. 

Julie decided to organise the bike ride because cycling helps her cope too. She said: ““It’s been my freedom. I go out on my bike and I am not ill. I am just Julie.”

Some of her family members are also being supported by the charity, which is open to anyone affected by a brain tumour diagnosis. 

Tina Mitchell Skinner, founder and CEO said: “It costs £400,000 per year to run our support services. We currently give direct support to more than 2,200 people across the UK affected by a brain tumour diagnosis and we would like to support more. We wouldn’t be here without our fundraisers and are grateful to everyone who is supporting

Julie’s bike ride.”