Buses must be allowed to stop on Thornbury High Street

September 30 2021
Buses must be allowed to stop on Thornbury High Street

Thornbury & Yate MP Luke Hall writes for the Voice

IT is good news that South Gloucestershire Council have committed to improving the plans for blue badge parking provision along the High Street.

But there is still much more to do to ensure Thornbury High Street is accessible for everyone.

Thornbury residents have made it crystal clear that a bus stop and a through bus route must be returned to our High Street.

Without this bus stop in the High Street, many elderly residents and people with mobility concerns could lose their only means of actually accessing the High Street at all.

Instead, they are left having to cross the increasingly-busy Rock Street, and walk through the shopping centre, just to access our High Street.

Meanwhile businesses have raised concerns about the lack of a bus stop on the High Street, explaining that it has reduced access and has driven footfall away from the local shops and services.

Safety concerns have been raised by both motorists and pedestrians about the location of the bus stop on Rock Street. This all demonstrates the clear need for a bus stop to be reintroduced as quickly as possible.

Currently, the council doesn’t propose to allow buses back onto the High Street, but they need to think again. We must have a High Street that is attractive and accessible for all.

As our local MP, I have written to South Gloucestershire Council, asking that they take immediate action to accommodate bus services along the High Street.

Many residents throughout the town have told me that a bus stop would be a lifeline for them, their families and their access to the High Street which many have supported for decades.

The council must listen to this strength of feeling on this issue and reinstate the bus stop in Thornbury High Street.