Cash means Marlwood pupils can ditch YouTube and do science experiments themselves

June 27 2019
Cash means Marlwood pupils can ditch YouTube and do science experiments themselves

PUPILS at Marlwood School will now be able to carry out experiments they previously had to watch on YouTube due to equipment shortages.

Fundraisers working to support the school in Alveston have secured grants worth more than £2,000.

The first, for £1,000 worth of science equipment, was awarded to the Friends of Marlwood School by the Armourers and Brasiers’ Gauntlet Trust for a Van der Graaf generator, a wave machine, a visualiser projector and new electrical circuit equipment. FOMS says that before buying the equipment, pupils were being shown wave experiments on YouTube.

The Armourers and Brasiers Company offers grants to schools to encourage pupils to take up science careers in addition to university grants for the study of materials sciences, and grants for small charities for a wide range of uses.

A second grant was from Cox Automotive, which has a fund employees can apply for, and will be spent on equipment including notebook computers and tailors’ mannequins. A parent of a pupil at Castle School works for the company’s Bristol section. Staff had watched the BBC2 programme ‘School’ and decided to support schools in area.

Melinda Evans from FOMS said: “We are very grateful to both organisations for their support of schools, their generosity will make such a difference to Marlwood pupils.”

*Marlwood School has confirmed that Del Planter has been permanently appointed to the role of head teacher. Mr Planter has been in the role on an interim basis since last September.

Picture: Assistant General Manager of Cox Automotive Bristol, Rob Gale, presents the company’s donation to Marlwood head teacher Del Planter.