Children turn waste into art

May 02 2019
Children turn waste into art

YOUNGSTERS at a Thornbury primary school have been giving new life to recycled and natural materials.

Gillingstool Primary School’s art week saw each class choose a famous artist to inspire their own 3D work and sculpture design, which was then put on display in and outside the school.

Each year group chose a different artist and project, with Year 5 making a paper mache solar system, which they cut in half in tribute to Damien Hirst, so viewers could see inside.

Year 1 picked Van Gogh and made a sunflower using recycled netting, above, which was woven into the school fence.

Andy Warhol’s insect pictures inspired Year 4 pupils to build a bug hotel using logs, pallets, plant pots and lots of bark, bottom.

An artist who came to work with the children on the project turned huge water drums into large animals, so the playground has a rabbit, two squirrels, and two owls, below.


Gillingstool primary 2


Teacher and art coordinator Rachel Sayce said: “I think it is really important for the children to value and appreciate the world around them and learn how to take care of it.

Year 1 children explored how we can all do simple things to help look after our world, such as reducing, reusing and recycling.

We also watched some film clips about how animals at sea can get trapped in plastic packaging, and the importance of disposing of our rubbish properly. They really enjoyed using recyclable materials to create their own fantastic pieces of artwork and sculptures.

The children also learned that we don’t have to go and buy items to produce art work. We used the natural things around us already and materials that we may throw away or recycle. For example, the tree hangings and bug hotel used all natural and recycled materials."

Gillingstool primary 3