Community News: Brownies enjoy a special year

September 29 2017

The 1st Falfield and Stone Brownies have finished their 20th anniversary celebrations.

The 1st Falfield and Stone Brownies have finished their 20th anniversary celebrations.

As part of our celebration we had a competition to design a birthday badge to wear on our uniforms for the year and we planted daffodil bulbs on the verge outside our meeting place.

Falfield Church, who have been very supportive to the unit over the years joined us on one of our evenings and presented the girls with a trophy for Grateful Service to St Georges Church, Falfield. This was also an ideal opportunity for the brownies to present the church with another kneeler which they had made. A kneeler that was made by the brownies probably around their 10th birthday has been in use and at the church since then.

Brownies is about getting together regularly each week in term time - to work on badges, play games, learn skills and see friends. It's about trying adventurous activities and going along to special events, day trips, sleepovers and holidays.

We have gained these badges – Seasons, Science Investigator, Boomps–a-Daisy Challenge, Desirable Dens and Spring into Summer, 

Learnt new Skills – Photography, Cooking and STEM skills.

Taken part in lots of activities – Airhop, Visit to the Apple Store, British Science Week, Thornbury Carnival, Cattle Country, Animal Encounters – Reptile party, Marine Conservation Society Visit, Farm Visit, Penny Hike and Chip Supper, Pyjama Party and Japanese Night

Stayed away together – Sleepover at Slimbridge WWT and Holiday at Brockmead Scout Campsite.

Taken part in some very special events – Remembrance Parade, Poppy Collecting, Thinking Day Disco, Girlguiding South West Region take over Legoland and Fundays at Woodhouse Park.

The brownies have shared amazing experiences together, they have grown together in a safe space where they can be themselves.

Brownies is for all girls aged seven to ten if you daughter would like to be a part of this adventure please register their interest at:

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