New homes ‘will make rat run worse’

January 28 2019
New homes ‘will make rat run worse’

PEOPLE who say their road is a commuter rat run say it will get worse if an application for 370 houses is approved.

An appeal by Bovis Homes over its planned development off Gloucester road is underway and due to run until the beginning in March.

People living on nearby Crossways Lane held a demonstration over traffic levels in December and blame recent developments in the town for the increase in traffic. They say it’s mainly commuters using the lane as a rat run to head north out of Thornbury, instead of using the A38.

They are concerned that if the Bovis homes are built, families with children will use the road to take them to Crossways School.

Campaigner Gerry Pitman said: “I’ve been calculating what would happen if Bovis went ahead and, in all honesty, it is likely to exacerbate the traffic problem on the lane. Residents of the new estate would probably use Crossways Lane if they wanted to get to Morton Way to take their children to Crossways school, for example. I’ll be going to the Inquiry to make this point.

This whole problem stems from the fact that what was originally a recreational lane has turned into a commuter route, and the council have more or less indicated that this needs to stay open to accommodate the increased traffic from the town.

Over the years we have suggested a number of things, including modifying the junction at the Gloucester Road end, but it seems they won’t accept anything that may deter motorists from using it. They are still sticking to their policy of ‘calming not closing’.”

A South Gloucestershire Council spokesperson said: “We are working with the local community to understand the current and future traffic issues in the area.

Surveys undertaken in 2018 in response to concerns raised by residents have not indicated any changes to traffic patterns that would warrant major alterations to Crossways Lane.

We will not prejudge the outcome of the impending planning appeal for an undeveloped site and will continue to monitor the situation.

Further consideration will be given to consultation over the ‘Quiet Lanes’ scheme proposal included in the Council’s capital programme, once the planning appeal outcome is known.”

Picture: Campaigner Gerry Pitman says a planned new development will make traffic problems worse Crossways Lane