Dinosaurs come to life at Manorbrook

June 01 2021
Dinosaurs come to life at Manorbrook

PUPILS at a Thornbury school created their own 'life-sized' dinosaur to help bring a project on the prehistoric creatures to life.

The Year 1 class at Manorbrook Primary School have been throwing themselves into their dinosaur discovery topic.

And they have been particularly taken by former local resident Thecodontosaurus.

One of the first dinosaur fossils to be discovered, in a quarry in Clifton in 1834, fossilised remains of a Thecodontosaurus were also unearthed at Tytherington Quarry, in 1975.

Manorbrook children created their own Thecodontosaurus, which they have nicknamed Theco, to help bring their learning to life.

The Thecodontosaurus was about two metres long, had a relatively short neck and long tail.  It had four limbs, shorter arms than legs, with five digits on each. 

An omnivore, it is believed to have mainly lived on a diet of leaves, with the odd lizard when it could catch one.

Year 1 teacher Rachel Ocone said: "The children are thoroughly enjoying learning about the prehistoric creatures, and in particular our local dinosaur the Thecodontosaurus.

"Together with their own research, the Year 1 class were delighted to take part in an engaging virtual workshop with the fantastic Bristol Dinosaur Project, where they were able to share their learning about the local Bristol dinosaur and find out lots more.

"In addition, they were able to see and explore fossils from the local area, design their very own dinosaurs and question real palaeontologists."

The children were also finding out more about fossils and 19th century palaeontologist Mary Anning, who discovered many previously unknown types of dinosaur around Lyme Regis in Dorset.