Falfield residents welcome government help with repairs

June 22 2018
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People living in Falfield have welcomed the news that the Prison Service will pay for repairs to street lighting.

They had previously expressed concerns about the safety of residents living near Eastwood Park prison.  They claimed they had to deal with faulty street lighting and dark spots around the main streets in the village since 2014. 

The Ministry of Justice says it’s willing to meet with the Residents’ Association to discuss other issues, such as the maintenance of local roads.  The Ministry of Justice is responsible for managing the Eastwood Park Estate. 

 Veronica Stanley of the residents’ group said: “Church Avenue & Eastley Close in Falfield have had a major problem regarding street lighting for years. We look forward to meeting with officials to discuss these issues in greater depth”.

Local MP Luke Hall said; “I am delighted to hear that street lighting repairs will now be carried out as soon as possible and that residents will soon get the chance to meet with officials to discuss these issues”.