Folk Festival expands into winter

November 26 2018

Rockhampton Folk Festival is holding its first Winter event.

 The popular festival is in its sixth year and is now expanding to include a concert in January.

The concert at Rockhampton Village Hall features the Spindle Ensemble. The youthful quartet includes Daniel Inzani (folk harp, accordion and keyboard), Caelia Lunniss (violin), Harriet Riley (marimba and vibraphone ) and Jo Silverston (cello) . 

They perform original compositions by Daniel that hover cinematically somewhere between jazz, folk and classical music. The group will also be touring care homes and special schools in the area courtesy of the Live Music Now! scheme and the profits from Rockhampton Folk Festival.

Tickets for Spindle's public performance on Sat Jan 19th at 7.45 are £10 (£5 under 18) available from