Gillingstool children learn from a day at the beach

October 21 2021
Gillingstool children learn from a day at the beach

WHEN pupils from a Thornbury primary school went for a day at the Weston Beach Race it wasn't just to see bikes tearing up the course.

The children from Gillingstool Primary School also found out how major events like the beach race, which is in its 38th year, provide all kinds of careers from managing the site and marketing to health and safety.

At the event's annual schools day in Weston-super-Mare they found out how the beach was transformed into a six-mile course, with some impressive dunes for riders to tackle, went on a walking tour of the start straight along the beach and were able to take a picture at the top of one of the many jumps planned into the course.

They found out how the track crew move an impressive 200,000 tons of sand to construct the course for October's race weekend while being considerate of the surrounding environment – and also got to see some riders demonstrating their driving skills on sections of the course. 

Staff and pupils from years 5 and 6 met key members of the RHL Activities team which runs the event, who gave talks about their chosen careers within the industry, with question and answer sessions to show how there is more to working in the sport than simply racing. 

The Gillingstool children also took part in a writing competition to win a family set of tickets to the race weekend. 

Head teacher Caroline Carter said: "The children left the day with gift bags from the sponsors of the beach race and a renewed excitement at the prospect of entering a career with a company such as RHL activities.

“Opportunities for our students to go out into the working world and see what career paths are open to them in the future is so valuable and I know our students return feeling inspired from days such as these.”