Gillingstool Primary told it ‘requires improvement’

October 26 2018
Gillingstool Primary told it ‘requires improvement’

Ofsted inspectors have rated Gillingstool Primary School as ‘requires improvement’ after their latest visit, but said there are grounds for optimism. It was previously rated as ‘good’ at inspections in 2015 and 2010.

Inspectors found the quality of teaching and learning to be too variable; absence rates to be above the national average, and children’s performance by the end of year 6 failing to reach the expected national standards in English and Maths. 

However, the lead inspector Sarah McGinnis recognises in her report that the interim school leadership team is committed to providing direction after a period of change, and that efforts to stop the decline in standards has begun but hasn’t had time to make an impact. 

The school is due to recruit a permanent headteacher although it has had an executive head in post since April 2018.  The report says the executive head has provided the ‘energy, support and capacity to accelerate improvements so that standards rise quickly.’

The school, which has 165 pupils, has an above average number of children with SEN and disabilities, and a higher than average number who have an EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan).  

Ms McGinnis said: “The leadership team has been proactive in addressing the areas of the school’s work that require attention. Leaders have made a notable difference to the establishment of a positive climate.” 

She notes that: “The large majority of pupils are positive about their experiences of school. Parents are also positive about the work of the school in supporting their children’s well-being. One parent commented that the school is a ‘friendly, caring and happy place which sets the right tone for successful learning’ and this is a view shared by many of the parents who responded.”