Huge areas on long list for further development

November 26 2018
Huge areas on long list for further development

Huge swathes of land around Thornbury, Alveston and other villages have been identified as possible areas for housing.

The sites are in addition to those which are already going through the planning process.

The sites are shown on an online map produced by South Gloucestershire Council. One site shows a large area from the north east of the town up to the motorway, and more possible locations for development to the West.  There are further areas identified all around Alveston and other villages, including one that would join Tockington and Olveston.

The locations are part of the local authority’s work on a new local plan for South Gloucestershire. As part of the public consultation process that has already begun, anyone was able to put forward sites for consideration under a ‘Call for Sites’ exercise. These have been added to sites that the council owns.

Thornbury campaign group Trapp’d said it “exceeds our worst nightmare of what could become of Thornbury.” Colin Gardner, Co-Chairman of the group said: “Enough is enough; it is time that our local authority should recognise the disastrous planning blight that their polices have created, and start to fight back.” 

The local authority says that the new suggested sites are merely that – suggestions. By publishing them on the map there is no implication that they will be approved for development and the usual planning process would apply. The next step will be for them to be assessed to see if they are viable options with the findings published in 2019. Then the public will be asked what they think. 

The West of England Joint Spatial Plan (JSP) will outline where new homes and businesses can be situated. It’s currently being examined by independent planning inspectors. The local plan will set out the rules for how the expansion in homes and businesses will be delivered. 

Cabinet Member for Planning, Transportation and the Strategic Environment, Councillor Colin Hunt, said: “We believe in plan-led development. That is, we work with communities to identify what growth we might need and seek agreement on how it can be delivered. We want plans that allow us to meet our future needs, but also that protect us from poorly thought out speculative development, which doesn’t grow communities, it puts pressure on them.”

“We want to be totally transparent, which is why we are publishing this list and making it available with an online map. These sites are just ideas at the moment, but we know people want to hear about and potentially shape those ideas. This information will help us, as well as the community, as we go through the review and assessment process as part of the next phase of preparing our new Local Plan.”

Trapp’d have requested an urgent meeting with council leader Toby Savage.