Improving our highways network

May 30 2022
Improving our highways network

Message from South Gloucestershire Council by Steve Reade, cabinet member for regeneration, environment and strategic infrastructure.

SINCE 2019, South Gloucestershire Council has committed a record £174 million towards improving our highways network.

This is a figure we are committed to building on, and ensuring the impact benefits as many people as possible in our communities.

This doesn’t just mean we are investing in roads used by cars, but also cycleways and footpaths.

It includes significant transport infrastructure that supports public transport and sustainable forms of travel, as well as improving public safety.

Earlier this year, we announced our plan for more than £10m of road maintenance and infrastructure schemes, with resurfacing works to roads across our various communities, increased investment to tackle potholes, brand new EV charging points and improving junctions and bridges.

I am delighted that this month, we have also announced plans to further this investment with an additional £1.2m set to go towards further resurfacing and maintenance works as well as a £1m investment into metrobus infrastructure.

This will provide a massive boost to our ongoing efforts to keep our area moving, whether people are driving, walking, cycling or taking public transport, with next steps to confirm which roads will feature in the updated programme expected to happen in the coming weeks.

It is important to us that residents can look out of their front door and be proud to call South Gloucestershire home, and we know that the condition of our local roads is an important factor in the image our communities have in the eyes of residents, so it is great we can continue to invest in this top local priority.

As with everything the council does, it is guided by the priorities of local people.

If you believe particular roads in your area are in need of attention, you can get in touch by contacting your local councillors or by visiting