Hunt for stolen dog

January 29 2019
Hunt for stolen dog

A THORNBURY family has launched a desperate search for their pet dog, which was stolen in broad daylight while being taken for a walk.

Izzie, a black Labrador/Staffordshire bull terrier cross, was snatched in Eastbury Close on January 17.

Her family say a white Transit van was seen driving away and they have offered a £1,000 reward for information, supporters have printed 500 leaflets appealing for sightings and a dedicated Facebook page, called Help Bring Izzie Home, has been set up.

Mum-of-two Layc Guille said Izzie disappeared while her partner Zorron Webber was taking the six-year-old pet for a walk.

Because they were close to home Izzie was not on a lead but after she walked around a corner in front of Zorron she vanished.

“When he got round the corner, her collar was on the ground and a white van was driving away,” said Layc.

Anyone with information that could help the police find whoever took Izzie should call the Avon and Somerset force on 101 and quote crime reference number 5219 011 898.