Letters September 2018

August 23 2018

Nurse deserves recognition

''Last year my husband became terminally ill, I nursed him at home and without Hazel's help above and beyond the call of duty our lives would have been even more horrendous than it was. Her help was outstanding. I could not thank her enough - some people stand out in the crowd and Hazel is one of them!''

I refer to your news article about the Sirona district nurse Hazel Roddan. 

My husband has been severely disabled for some 40 years now and receives regular visits from Sirona for which we are both very appreciative. Sirona offer a wonderful service and I would like to express my sincere thanks for everything they do, not just for us but also for the wider community. 

They often receive a bad press and in my opinion they don’t always get the credit that they richly deserve. So thank you, Sirona and Hazel and keep up the good work. 


Mrs Audrey Young, St. Mary’s Yate.