Lib Dems make clean sweep of Thornbury Town Council in elections

May 04 2019
Lib Dems make clean sweep of Thornbury Town Council in elections

LIBERAL Democrats made a clean sweep of Thornbury Town Council in Thursday’s elections.

Repeating the result for the Thornbury ward on South Gloucestershire Council, the Lib Dems took every seat up for election.

In the town’s Central ward, Lib Dems Robert Griffin, Clare Fardell and Benj Emmerson were elected with between 497 and 520 votes each. Conservative Geoff Chappell missed out, with 240 votes.

In North East ward, Jayne Stansfield, Matthew Stringer, Pamela Shipp and Ashley Bijster were elected with between 655 and 703 votes each. The four Lib dems were well clear of the single Tory, Quentin Killey, who polled 289 votes.

Thornbury’s North West ward also saw three Lib Dems elected ahead of one Conservative candidate. Shirley Holloway, Helen Harrison and Guy Rawlinson polled between 661 and 701 votes each, ahead of Graham Lanfear, who received 299 votes.

Two wards – East and South – did not have elections, as there were not enough candidates to force a contest. In both wards, all the candidates to stand for election were Liberal Democrats.

In East ward, the three candidates nominated and elected unopposed were Christopher Davies, Angela Symonds and Maggie Tyrrell.

In South ward, Eva Fielding, Clive Parkinson and Martin Trueman were elected unopposed.

Only one other parish in the Thornbury area saw elections.

In Almondsbury Parish Council’s Almondsbury ward, four seats were up for grabs.

Marion Stooke, Diane Wilson and Stephen Barr, who all stood without a party affiliation, were elected with between 404 and 536 votes.

There were four UKIP candidates but only one of them – Tom Crawley – was elected, with 191 votes.

The council’s Compton and Cribbs Causeway wards did not have elections.

In Compton ward, non-affiliated candidates Phil Hall and Andrew Segal were elected unopposed and in Cribbs Causeway ward, Conservative Terry Peirce and non-affiliated Marlene Smith, Alexander Akerman, Lorraine Dalton and Raj John were elected.

Several parish councils serving villages in the Thornbury area did not have any elections because all those who were nominated have been elected unopposed.

They are: Alveston, Aust, Cromhall, Falfield, Oldbury-on-Severn, Olveston, Pilning & Severn Beach, Rockhampton and Tytherington.