Award for Danielle

March 18 2019
Award for Danielle

A TEENAGER from Thornbury has won a national Lions Young Ambassador award for her service in the community.

Danielle Hawkins, 19, won through rounds at local and then district level to win the Shipshape Award.

Danielle went to the Thornbury Youth Club KRUNCH and now works with the club, enabling it to fulfil its aims of helping young people in the community.

Up against 10 other candidates In the final round of the competition, Danielle gave a presentation about her involvement in the community, leadership qualities, and how she had given her £500 bursary received as a district winner to KRUNCH.

Her award is shipshape in more than just name – Danielle has won a week on a tall ship to develop her leadership skills.

A Thornbury Lions spokesperson said: “We would like to congratulate Danielle for accepting the challenge and doing so well.”