Marlwood School reunion to mark former pupils’ 50th birthdays

March 26 2018

SCHOOL days will be remembered at a reunion of former Marlwood pupils who have reached their 50th birthday or are about to mark the event.

A group of ex-students of the Alveston secondary school hit on the idea while having a drink together.

Tytherington dairy farmer Richard Cornock, Elspeth Taylor (formerly Edwards) and Jane Williams (previously Garratt) are now trying to trace as many of their old classmates as possible to invite them to the reunion.

The trio said: “A few of us got together over a drink one evening and thought it would be a good idea, now we are all hitting 50, to turn the clock back and remember our school days.

“We’ve booked the drama hall at Marlwood School and there will be 80s music, a bar and food. We want as many people to come along as possible and have a good time.”

The event will be held during the evening of June 9 in the school’s drama hall and is open to those who started at the school in September 1979.

Email for more information and to buy tickets or visit the Facebook page, Marlwood school reunion class of 84-86.