Meg and John run to charity fundraising success

September 29 2017
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A THORNBURY couple in their 70s have so far raised more than £3,300 after completing the Bristol Half Marathon.

A THORNBURY couple in their 70s have so far raised more than £3,300 after completing the Bristol Half Marathon.

Running newcomer Meg Moseley, 77, and her 79-year-old husband John signed up for the challenge to raise money for the charity Tearfund.

John was named the quickest in the race’s 75-79 age group, finishing in just under three hours and four minutes, with Meg the runner-up with a time of just under three hours and 25 minutes.

John said: “I suspect we may have been the only ones of that age group taking part to achieve that result.

“We both got over the finish line in one piece, albeit with sore feet.”

As previously reported in Thornbury Voice, the couple started training for the event despite Meg always saying she could never run.

But she changed her mind during a visit to her son in Nebraska, USA, only last November, when the temperatures were below freezing.

During their daily walk, Meg suggested to John that they should run a little to get warm, jogging for 30 yards before walking to get her breath back and then jogging another 30 yards.

Gradually, she was able to run further before stopping for breath, and surprised John by saying she would like to do a half marathon.

John had previously run and he completed the London Marathon in 2002 at the age of 63, going on to enter half marathons periodically.

The couple adopted a training regime and decided to support Tearfund to help with its relief and development work in Africa.

They said the amount they had so far collected far exceeded their expectations.

John said: “We would like to express our thanks to the very many people who have helped us to reach this magnificent total to benefit the poor of Africa.” 

The money the couple raised through sponsorship was boosted through a charity meal at Romy’s Kitchen restaurant in Castle Street, Thornbury.

Chef Romy Gill is a supportive neighbour of Meg and John and also a keen runner. She organised the event, which was attended by 39 people.