No fist-bumps, no high-fives - new rules for skaters in reopened parks

July 28 2020
No fist-bumps, no high-fives - new rules for skaters in reopened parks

NO fist-bumps or high-fives and no dangerous tricks – these are just two of the new rules young people in Thornbury need to adapt to after lockdown.

Town council-run play areas, the skatepark and outdoor gym reopened on July 17, after a delay while risk assessments were carried out.

But new rules aimed at stopping coronavirus being spread at the parks have had to be introduced, and signs have been put up to encourage people to respect social distancing, stay safe and hygienic.

The new rules include giving way to people entering and leaving play areas, using sanitiser or gel to clean children's hands before and after using play equipment, not consuming food or drink and only having one family member per child in play areas, unless the child needs extra support.

In the town's skatepark the council has posted the Skateboard GB #SkateSafeStaySafe advice, which includes no fist-bumps or high fives, cleaning boards before and after skating, and having no more than one person completing a run at a time.

Announcing the opening on its website, the town council said: "Thank you for bearing with us while the necessary risk assessments were carried out and some pieces of equipment safely removed to allow visitors to follow social distancing guidelines.

"We would ask you to read and adhere to the temporary signage that has been placed in or near each area."

The council is also asking families to adhere to current social distancing guidelines and to consider coming back at a later time if play areas look too busy, having discussed the possibility of having to do this with children beforehand.

Some pieces of play equipment have been removed to make it easier for people to socially distance.

The town council is responsible for the Mundy Fields, Chantry, Eastland Avenue, Osprey Park and Streamleaze play areas, as well as the outdoor gym and the skatepark behind the leisure centre.

For more details about the new safety advice, visit the council's website at