December 2018: Your Local MP

November 26 2018

We have come a long way but a new health centre is just within sight

The journey our community has taken for improved health services in Thornbury has been a long one, and at times has resulted in frustration amongst residents after each false start over the years.

However a new and improved Health Centre is now just within sight.

I have been determined that Thornbury should get the improved health services it was promised, and the new health centre it deserves. That is why I have used every opportunity to take this project to the highest levels of Government at the Department for Health.

Where before Health Ministers could only look at the plans on paper, I brought Cabinet Ministers to Thornbury; two from the Health Secretary and another from the Treasury so they could see first-hand what a difference this project would make to our town, our families and our community.

In addition, with support from our Council Leader Toby Savage, South Gloucestershire Council has now said it will do what is required to make the project a reality by taking over the build in co-ordination with local health leaders. This is hugely important for the practicalities of delivering a new health centre once we have the green light. 

This co-ordination between Government, the council, health leaders and me as our MP has made the difference, and it means that we have never been closer from turning the idea from paper and into health services for our families.

That’s why I am now continuing the battle in this crucial last stretch by pressing Government fiercely to support the NHS’s submission and case for the £10m required to realise the project.

In my most recent meeting with the new Health Secretary I have kept the momentum going and explained why we need a new GP hub with outpatient services, community services and importantly mental health provision based in Thornbury –  laying out what why the £10 million is needed.

It has been a long journey, but these latest efforts will be crucial to securing the project, and as our MP I remain committed to it as ever. A huge thank you to everybody from Thornbury who that has backed and supported the campaign. Success is now within sight.