Nuclear reactors planned for new Oldbury B power plant gain regulators’ approval

December 19 2017
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REGULATORS have approved the design of the reactors that are proposed to generate electricity at a new Oldbury B nuclear power station at Shepperdine.

Horizon Nuclear Power, the company behind the major project, welcomed the announcement, saying it was a major leap forward in the process for the technology to be built at its planned sites in both Oldbury and on Anglesey.

But it cautioned that the generic design assessment of the UK Advanced Boiling Water Reactor, designed by Hitachi-GE, did not in itself give permission to build.

It now has to start a process of site specific safety and environmental applications in parallel to that for its nuclear site licence. It also needs planning permission from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Only when those are achieved can the company move to construction first at Wylfa Newydd and later at Oldbury, where it is proposed to have two of the reactors next to the Magnox plant now being decommissioned.

Horizon said the new station would create up to 850 permanent jobs, with a construction workforce of around 4,000 for the majority of the time and up to 9,000 workers at the peak of construction.

Duncan Hawthorne, Horizon’s chief executive, said: “This is a huge milestone for Horizon and a major leap forward for us in bringing much-needed new nuclear power to the UK.”    Fifty years since power first produced at Oldbury, page 19