Ofsted inspector praises Buds and Blossoms

October 05 2019
Ofsted inspector praises Buds and Blossoms

A HOLIDAY club where young children "develop their creative skills" has been praised by the education watchdog.

Buds and Blossoms opened in Tockington two years ago and has been rated 'good’ in its Ofsted inspection, which took place in August.

The club takes children aged from four to seven between 9am and 3pm in the school holidays. It has 24 places with 20 children currently attending.

Ofsted examines holiday clubs under three categories: effectiveness of leadership and management, quality of teaching, learning and assessment, and personal development behaviour and welfare. The club was found to be good in all three areas.

Inspector Tracey Cook was full of praise for the staff, whom she described as "good role models", who skilfully interact with children with "genuine interest and enthusiasm".

In her report she commented on how staff encourage children to develop their confidence around literacy, through sharing books and reading to their friends.

She said: "Children develop their creative skills and enjoy a wide range of craft activities where they build on their concentration and imagination."

The inspector said the club supported children with special needs well, encouraging them to take part in games with other children. She noted that children have access to a wide range of creative craft materials and outdoor equipment.

Safeguarding was found to be effective, with staff understanding their responsibilities. Staff ensured that the children could play safely but also encouraged them to manage risk for themselves.

The inspector said: “For example, at the park, children know the boundaries of where it is safe to play.”

It was also noted that children enjoy learning about healthy eating by taking part in engaging cooking activities.

The inspector said the club could improve further by consistently encouraging children to be more independent and carry out simple tasks themselves, and giving older children more age-appropriate activities to challenge them.

Owner and manager Rachel Curtis said: “We are so pleased to achieve a good rating from Ofsted, and such a lovely report. We look forward to building on this judgement and continuing to provide out of school care for children in the local area.”