Outpatient clinics come to Thornbury’s Leisure Centre

November 26 2018

A pioneering initiative is to offer NHS physiotherapy outpatient clinics at Thornbury Leisure Centre.

It’s being launched by Sirona Care & Health, which provides services for children and adults in the community. 

It’s hoped that thousands of people will benefit. Anyone recovering from an injury, surgery or problems with their muscles or joints will be treated at the leisure centre rather than in hospital. It will also be possible for patients to use the gym and pool. 

The pioneering move is part of a plan to move rehabilitation services out of Thornbury hospital to better facilities. It follows the announcement last month that in-patient beds would be moved to a new purpose built premises. 

Jenny Theed, Sirona’s Director of Nursing and Operations, said: “It makes sense to link up with a public facility which has a focus on healthy living and promoting activity as it matches our ethos to make sure people in our care are able to live as independently as possible.”

Craig Smart, Operations Director for Circadian Trust said, “Our mission as an organisation is to inspire active lifestyles and maximise participation across all levels of health and wellbeing, so we’re thrilled to be working in partnership with Sirona to provide this outpatient service.