New petition against Buckover homes

March 20 2019

A CAMPAIGN group is calling on people to sign a new petition against plans for a potential development at Buckover.

The petition, lodged by Trapp’d (Thornbury Residents Against Poorly Planned Development) on the South Gloucestershire Council website, also asks the council to re-draw the greenbelt around the town.

A spokesperson said: “We have really had enough of large scale housing developments in and around Thornbury, the most damaging of which would be the proposed 3,000 houses at Buckover.

This petition is timed to allow us to get as many signatures as possible ahead of the Examination in Public of the Joint Spatial Plan (JSP), which we understand is scheduled for May of this year. The JSP proposes Buckover as a Strategic Development Site as well as a “maximum of 500 houses” in Thornbury.”

Trapp’d argues that it needs to convince JSP inspectors that people feel strongly that there should be a maximum number of homes and the best way to do that is by gathering as many signatures as possible. It has 470 so far.

The spokesperson said the Buckover plan would turn Thornbury into “a dormitory/commuter town for Bristol, resulting in unsustainable levels of population, congestion, pollution and Co2 emissions”.

Trapp’d is also concerned about the impact on school places, doctors and dentists’ surgeries and parking.

You can find the petition at on the South Gloucestershire Council website.