Residents warned over rogue roofers in Thornbury

August 05 2019
Residents warned over rogue roofers in Thornbury

POLICE are warning residents to be on the lookout for rogue traders.

Thornbury beat manager PC Paula Manos issued the warning after two reports of people claiming to be from a roofing company knocking on doors in the area and telling residents they had roof tiles missing.

They then offered to do the work there and then for cash: a tactic which often leads to people being charged inflated bills for little work.

There have also been reports of cold callers in Coalpit Heath telling residents they are ex-offenders and trying to sell them poor quality goods at the door.

PC Manos urged residents to remember the following tips:

*Be wary of traders who cold call and the deals they offer you – it is unusual for genuine tradesmen to need to cold call to drum up work.

*Do not allow any unknown and unexpected visitor into your home. If possible, try to deal with them through a window or use a door chain.


*Ensure your front and back doors are closed and locked if your attention is elsewhere.


*If you agree to work you are afforded cancellation rights by law, and these should be given to you in writing. It is a criminal offence not to provide these in certain circumstances.


*If you are unhappy or feel intimidated by the visitor – shut the door and call the police.