Rockhampton off to a flier

June 19 2019

AN exceptionally dry start to the season saw an unprecedented number of days cricket played at Rockhampton Cricket Club.

Fixtures for all four senior sides coupled with numerous youth matches and the visits of England Development XI, Kent, Scotland A, Worcestershire CC u17s, all playing Gloucestershire CCC, meant that the club’s groundsmen were very busy.

Although fixtures in the middle of June were hit by the rain, July promises to be very busy.

GCCC will be playing Somerset 2nd XI in a three-day game from the 1st to the 3rd of the month, with a double T20 fixture between the same sides on July 17. This latter game is a warm-up for the national Vitality Blast competition, which kicks off at Cheltenham on Friday July 19.

Rockhampton’s club sides have two local derbies, the 1st XI playing Painswick on July 6, with the 2nd XI playing Frampton on Severn 1st XI a week later.

Everyone is welcome: the bar will be open and coffee and tea available, so visitors are invited to call in and enjoy some exciting cricket.

John Hore