Schools want to block public footpath to stop vandalism and antisocial behaviour

July 31 2019
Schools want to block public footpath to stop vandalism and antisocial behaviour

A PUBLIC footpath in Thornbury could be blocked to protect two schools from anti-social behaviour and vandalism.

South Gloucestershire Council has received an application to stop up the public right of way which skirts the grounds of the Sheiling School and the Castle School, above.

Thornbury’s secondary school and the neighbouring independent day and residential school for children with special educational needs have made the application jointly, as the path, which runs between Park Road and the back of Victoria Close, gives access to both sites.

Both schools have been hit by crime and antisocial behaviour, including several arson and vandal attacks on the Castle School last year.

South Gloucestershire Council is inviting people to comment on the plans by August 23, either online at or by calling 01454 868154.

The council said: “In recent years both schools have suffered from incidents of antisocial behaviour, vandalism, and trespass on their sites. There have also been issues caused by dogs, which have not been controlled by owners, straying from the path and fouling the playing fields and school grounds.

These issues raise concerns about pupil safeguarding and both schools feel they could improve their site security if people were unable to gain access to their sites via the public footpath.

The current ease of access via the footpath poses risks to vulnerable people at The Sheiling School who need security, stability and routine. With new housing development taking place nearby, the applicants fear the use of the path will increase and bring increased incidents of anti-social behaviour.”