Single released to raise funds for Thornbury charity

November 26 2018
Single released to raise funds for Thornbury charity

A band has reformed after 30 years to release a new single to raise money for the Thornbury based charity Brain Tumour Support.

100% of the profits from ‘Golden Sun’ will go to the organisation. 

Garry Brandrick, the brother of the The Inspiration lead singer Marc, was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2017. He’s been supported by the charity and the band members wanted to say ‘thank you’ in a special way. 

The idea for the single came up at Garry’s birthday celebrations where Marc was performing with some of his former band members. They’d previously played together in the 1980’s. Marc said: “We decided to make a new recording of a song that I wrote more than 30 years ago. We hope it raises a lot of money for Brain Tumour Support, a charity that makes a real difference to the lives of brain tumour patients.” 

Garry’s 62, and his brain tumour has meant that he’s had to change his role at the charity where he works, which he set up himself. He can’t drive and struggles to use a keyboard. His hobby was wild camping, but he can’t now go on his own in case he has a fit. 

“People tell me how well I look,” says Garry. “It is often difficult for them to understand how devastating a brain tumour diagnosis is. I grew up in care, so I have always been independent. I don’t ask for help. I didn’t think I needed support. But then Sarah, from Brain Tumour Support got in touch.” 

“Mates and family have been great, but they will never really understand,” says Garry, “With Sarah, the support is consistent, and I know she is there whenever I need to speak to her. I have found the support I get from Brain Tumour Support very beneficial. It is the only form of professional support I get, and I really value it.” 

Brain Tumour Support will support anyone affected, for as long as needed, including family and friends. 

The single is available to download from Amazon.