Thank you for your support

December 30 2019
Thank you for your support

Thornbury & Yate MP Luke Hall writes for the Voice

I AM totally humbled to have been elected as the local MP for our community for a third time. As someone who worked in Lidl before being elected, I never thought I would be here. The fact the community has supported me again makes me eternally grateful.

Opening yourself up to scrutiny is never easy, so I want to express my gratitude to the other candidates who stood in the Thornbury and Yate constituency. I know we are all grateful to them.

The big issue is settled. We are leaving the European Union on January 31. The new government has a mandate to deliver the result of the referendum, end the delay and provide certainty for our country.

I have never believed that people wake up every morning thinking about the EU. Quite the opposite. It is now time to deliver on the issues our community is concerned about. We will put more nurses in our hospitals to deliver world class care and more police on the streets to tackle anti-social behaviour and speeding. This recruitment has already started.

We will invest in our local health services, rebuild Thornbury Health Centre and the Frenchay Centre of Rehabilitation Excellence and upgrade the Yate Minor Injuries Unit to an Urgent Treatment Centre.

We must invest in transport infrastructure by building the Yate Park and Ride, Charfield Station and put in place a proper Thornbury Infrastructure Plan with an A38 Transport Package.

We will further increase funding for every school in South Gloucestershire, bringing our area in line with other areas around the country whilst rebuilding Castle School, building two new primary schools in Yate and improving village schools.

We will work with and protect local businesses with low taxes, allowing them, as the engine room of our local economy, to create jobs and enhance our community. At the same time we must connect the remaining 4% of homes and businesses in South Gloucestershire with a good broadband connection so our children can do their homework and entrepreneurs can run start-ups from home.

As your local MP, I will continue the fight against poorly planned development across South Gloucestershire, working with the communities in Thornbury, Charfield and Coalpit Heath to make sure we make the best possible case about the correct locations for development, and the infrastructure that must come with it.

South Gloucestershire is a remarkable place to live and work. It is family orientated, community minded, full of entrepreneurs and incredible High Streets, all set amongst the most beautiful scenery you will find anywhere in our country. It is a privilege to serve you as our local MP. Thank You. If there is ever anything I can help with, please do not hesitate to get in touch at: