Thornbury’s home-grown beer needs you

May 29 2019
Thornbury’s home-grown beer needs you

THORNBURY’S beer lovers and gardeners are being urged to come together to create a home-grown beer for the town.

The idea is that people buy a hop plant, grow it, and then donate the hops to make a beer sold specially for Thornbury in Bloom.

Behind the project is a partnership between town pub the Butcher’s Hook and neighbours the Thornbury Garden Shop. All people have to do is buy a hop plant from the pub and grow it at home until September, when the hops will be harvested and brewed into beer.

The plants have been sourced and potted by the Thornbury Garden Shop which is run by Tony Sansum and Sue Aitken.

Butcher’s Hook landlord Peter Tiley said: "We're really excited about this project, as we think it's a really nice way to engage the town in both brewing beer and the Thornbury in Bloom project. I'm a big believer in encouraging people to produce and grow their own food and drink, as it really enables a better understanding and appreciation of that product.

Hopefully the project will be mutually beneficial, in that more beer drinkers might engage with gardening and more gardeners might find themselves more interested in beer.

It's also nice to support the Thornbury in Bloom team, as I think their efforts in making the town look as beautiful as it does each year helps bring people to Thornbury, which in turn encourages businesses to invest, which in turn creates jobs and improves social mobility."

The hop plants cost just £4 and have been subsidised by the Butcher’s Hook: they usually cost around £16 each.

They have been carefully chosen, so they are English Challenger hops which have a fruity, floral character. Even people without a garden can grow one in a pot on the windowsill.

A date will be set in September for the harvest, and Tiley’s Brewery in Ham, near Berkeley, will make the beer.

Any residents who donate their hops will get a free pint of the finished product at The Butcher’s Hook, while 30p from every pint sold will go to Thornbury in Bloom.

Plants are available from the pub, which is open Tuesday to Friday from 4pm onwards, and Saturday and Sundays from noon.

There is also a collection service so that people can buy hop plants and any other items available at the Garden Shop over the phone before it shuts at 5.30pm, and collect them in the evening from the pub.

Picture: Sue Aitken and Tony Sansum from the Thornbury Garden Shop with Butcher’s Hook landlord Peter Tiley.