Thornbury cat burglar unmasked

May 24 2019
Thornbury cat burglar unmasked

SHE may look like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth but Rosie is no innocent.

The young Thornbury cat has turned to a life of crime after finding herself unable to resist the temptation to steal socks from her neighbours.

Rosie’s owner, Natalie Burgess, 35, first noticed a child’s sock appear by her back door last year. Now

her cat has gone after bigger targets and is stealing more and more.

Natalie said: “It’s mornings and evenings. She’s stepped it up a gear and gets adult socks.

“A lot of the children’s socks are from a neighbour. I spoke to him the other day – he puts them out on the back of a chair overnight to dry and then in the morning one of them has gone.

“She’s had seven odd socks in a row. She’s quite a little character.”

Rosie swipes the socks when they are left outside to dry so her escapades stop in the winter, leaving Natalie with the task of reuniting her neighbours with their property.

Natalie is a member of the Lost and Found pets group for South Gloucestershire, and her friend contacted her about Rosie two years ago.

The little cat was apparently a stray, with no chip, and she was pregnant. Natalie did her utmost to find an owner but had no response.

She said: “I let her have the kittens and was going to take her to the cat’s home but I fell in love with her and kept her. I did all the checks to make sure she didn’t have an owner. I kept two of her kittens and one will play with the socks that she brings in.”

Natalie started out with four cats before Rosie arrived. Now she has 7: plus a large pile of odd socks which need to be returned to their rightful owners.