Thornbury company urges groups to sign up to a warmer welcome

July 27 2018

Thornbury Welcomes, a company which aims to make Thornbury an even more welcoming place, is urging local groups to register with it so that it can progress its vision.

The firm started out as an initiative under Helen Harrison, the former mayor, and recently became a community interest company. It aims to work with a range of organisations to improve the welcome which Thornbury offers, and get people involved in their community. 

Michelle Galliot, Project Co’ordinator said: “We are not in any way wishing to undermine all the wonderful work already going on in Thornbury around this area, but instead to provide some sort of central hub that can draw those different activities together and enable greater impact.”

Groups are being asked to register ahead of an event next year which will use the concept of a ‘freshers fair’, where members of the public are invited to meet organisers from clubs and community groups. 

Michelle said; “Let's all do what we can to make Thornbury even better for all.  The event we are planning should help us all to feel involved and in turn get more members for your community groups. So please get in touch to register your interest in our forthcoming event.”

Thornbury Welcomes is also keen to raise awareness of additional needs amongst businesses, in particular dementia, mental health issues, and autism.  It’s investigating setting up an accreditation scheme whereby shops, and cafes would display a sticker for being, for example, autism ‘friendly’.  This would make it easier for people affected to feel welcome out and about in their community. 

You can contact Thornbury Welcomes via Facebook, ‘Thornbury Welcomes’, or email