Thornbury day trippers asked for memories of the sea

October 01 2018

The Sailors’ Society, a 200 year old maritime charity, is asking people in Thornbury to recall and share their memories and experiences of the sea.

 It’s part of a project to highlight our connections with the sea which is being held to mark the organisation’s 200th anniversary. 

Stuart Rivers, the Sailors’ Society’s CEO said: “Whether it’s beach balls, flip-flops or the ingredients used to make an ice cream, 90 per cent of everything you see beside the seaside is transported by sea.”

“During the heatwave, many people from Thornbury will have headed to the beach to create long-lasting memories.  Whether you spent childhood holidays at the beach or have made a career out of working at sea, we’d love to hear and share your stories.” 

The Sailors’ Society is a Christian charity which works around the world providing support to the world’s 1.6m seafarers, regardless of their faith. 

You can share experiences and photos at