Thornbury mum goes into labour after £1m EuroMillions win

February 17 2019
Thornbury mum goes into labour after £1m EuroMillions win

A THORNBURY couple who won £1 million on EuroMillions had to delay picking up their prize when their new baby decided to arrive.

Andy Symes and Natalie Metcalf scooped the UK Millionaire Maker prize in the lottery’s February 1 draw. They realised they had won the next day but, while out looking for a new house to spend the winnings on, Natalie went into labour.

The couple, who also have a two-year-old son, had just sold his pushchair, with a view to replacing it with a double buggy.

Natalie, 37, said: “It’s so funny to think of now, but the couple who’d bought our pushchair had paid in cash and I was dancing around the living room singing ‘We’re rich, we’re rich’ when Andy turned to me and said, very seriously, ‘Yes, yes, you are!’ and made me check the ticket.

We just couldn’t believe it. We downloaded the National Lottery app and scanned the ticket to double-check and that said we’d won too. We just didn’t know what to do though, so Andy ended up going to Tesco in Thornbury, where he’d bought the ticket, and they told him to call Camelot.”

Andy, 40, said: “I came home and phoned Camelot straight away and they confirmed that we definitely had won £1m and that a winners’ advisor would come and see us to pay out the money at 10am on Tuesday.”

Over the weekend the couple started to view properties, as they don’t currently own their home. But amidst the excitement, Natalie started having labour pains.

Andy said: “As soon as Natalie went into labour, all thoughts of our win went completely out of our minds. We were totally focused on making sure that Natalie and the baby were OK, and it wasn’t until the baby was born and we were home that we had a moment to think ‘Wow! Has that really happened?’ and start making plans.”

Baby Poppy was born just after midday on February 5, the day they had been due to see the winner’s advisor. The appointment was hastily rearranged and with their £1m now safely in the bank, the couple have made some spending plans.

Natalie said: “We’d always joked that the only way we could ever afford to buy our own home was if we won the lottery. We didn’t know that that would prove to be true!

As well as the house, we’re also going to start planning our wedding. We’ve been engaged for over two years but now we can afford to have the wedding of our dreams without feeling guilty about the costs. This win really will help us make all our dreams come true.”

Andy said: “This win couldn’t have come at a better time. We have our beautiful children and now we can get married and buy a perfect house to raise them in.

As well as feeling so happy about the safe arrival of our baby girl, we just feel so relaxed. We’ll be able to buy a home and not even have to worry about a mortgage. To not have to think about that additional cost every month is almost a second windfall in itself.”

Picture shows Natalie Metcalf and Andy Symes with newborn baby Poppy. Photo: Huw John