Thornbury Netball club players beat sickness bug – and Bristol Storm

February 29 2020
Thornbury Netball club players beat sickness bug – and Bristol Storm

THORNBURY Netball Club overcame a sickness bug that hit several players to dig deep for a win over Bristol Storm.

The Firsts had just four fit for training just two days before the game, which was set to go ahead as long as they could get a minimum of five players.

The managed to pull together a bare seven on the day, albeit with a sickly defence, and the game plan was simple: keep possession; make the most of every opportunity; centre court and attacking players were to play deep to help the defence maintain some sort of stamina throughout the game.

The positive attitude and determined mindset meant that by half-time the score was 25-8 to Thornbury. By the second half there were some missed opportunities, the defence was waning and the sickness appeared to be defeating them, yet the team managed to hold their nerve for a 42-21 win.

It was a great team effort, with everyone playing for each other and backing each other up. Sarah Jenkins was nominated player, and Jasmine Cook came up from the Second team to sub on the sideline.

The Seconds were confident against Skylarks and from the beginning it certainly showed. They started as they meant to go on, with some excellent attacking and shooting plays, and dominated possession throughout. The defence backed up and moved the ball back up the court to the shooters.

Scoring 14 goals in the last quarter, they ran out 33-16 winners.

Captain Ginny Carroll said: “Every player was doing their part to keep the game flowing. This new team is really coming together and now, in this second half of the season, we are really starting to become a difficult opposition.”

Laura Driver was nominated player.


Heather Gregory