Thornbury play area reopens after asbestos cleared

July 28 2022
Thornbury play area reopens after asbestos cleared

A RECENTLY-refurbished play area in Thornbury has reopened after having to shut when asbestos was found.

The council announced in June that the discovery of "a small amount of low-grade asbestos" in the ground, which was found after the new equipment was installed, had led to the play area off Chantry Road being temporarily shut.

But the play park, which includes trampolines, toddler swings, a rope seat swing, climbing unit with slide, fully accessible roundabout, springers and 'shuttle run' balance beams, was reopened in July, in time for the school summer holidays.

Mayor of Thornbury Councillor Chris Davies said: "We are very happy that the play area has reopened and hope that families have hours of fun using the lovely new equipment."  

The refurbishment is part of Thornbury Town Council’s rolling replacement programme of all play areas for which it is responsible. 

The next play area due for refurbishment is the Eastland Avenue play area. An initial survey seeking ideas from residents on the type of equipment that they would like to see has already given the council some ideas, and a full consultation is now due to follow.  

Asbestos is a mineral which was widely used in building an insulation in the 20th century but poses health risks if particles are breathed in, particularly over a long period of time.

The council said the Chantry Road site had been closed off as soon as the asbestos was discovered and the risk to the public had been "very low" before it was removed by a specialist.

The area is believed to have once been a dumping ground for building waste and the asbestos is believed to have been brought to the surface by the play area refurbishment works. The soil containing it was removed and replaced.