Thornbury residents still have time to comment on plans for 150 new homes

October 01 2018

Comments from residents about an application by Bloor Homes to build houses at Crossways will still be considered, even though the consultation deadline has passed.

But South Gloucestershire Council is asking people to submit them as quickly as possible. Thornbury Town Council and the campaign group Trapp’d (Thornbury Residents Against Poorly Planned Development) have already objected. 

Over 100 local residents attempted to take on the developer, Bloor Homes, by signing a letter which was sent to the company. It was instigated by Thornbury’s Liberal Democrat councillors Maggie Tyrrell and Jayne Stansfield who received leaflets advertising the plans. 

Maggie Tyrrell said: “We’ve been fighting against unsustainable development in Thornbury and across South Glos for some time, but to get this leaflet bringing the fight so close to home was a shock. Nobody denies the housing crisis in this country, especially for the young, but the levels of 4 and 5 bedroom executive homes currently swamping Thornbury isn’t a solution to that problem.”

“Bloor Homes told Thornbury Voice in a statement: “We agree with Cllr Tyrell that there is a housing crisis in this country, and if we are to meet the government housebuilding target of 300,000 homes a year then suitable sites within sustainable locations like Thornbury need to come forward to help address the crisis.” 

It continued: “Bloor Homes is not proposing a housing estate of exclusive 4 and 5-bedroom homes but a development which meets the needs and aspirations of the wider community. Thornbury Fields to the north of this site has delivered a wide range of housing including policy compliant proportion of affordable homes (35%) and land for a shop.”

The site is currently set aside for employment use in the draft West of England Joint Spatial Plan, which won’t be examined until May 2019.