Thornbury rugby fixtures revealed

October 01 2020
Thornbury rugby fixtures revealed

THERE remains uncertainty about when the rugby season will start and what it will look like.

But as it stands, Thornbury will begin with a visit from Newent.

The fixtures have been changed twice so far, but the concept at the moment is that the league has been split into two conferences for this season only.

Thornbury are in the North with Chew Valley, Keynsham, Lydney, Newent, Old Patesians and Stroud. These clubs will play each other home and away in the initial part of the season.

The next stage of the season is unclear. It is probable that it will either feature matches between clubs in the conferences on a home or away basis, but depending on when the league starts, it could be that the winners of both conferences with play a single game to decide who has won the league.

It is also probable that the league season will extend until the end of May.

As it stands now the fixtures are:
November 7: Newent (H)
November 14: Old Patesians (A)
November 21: Stroud (H)
December 5: Chew Valley (A)
December 12: Keynsham (A)
December 19: Lydney (H)
January 2, 2021: Newent (A)
January 9: Old Patesians (H)
January 16: Stroud (A)
January 30: Chew Valley (H)
February 6: Keynsham (H)
February 13: Lydney (A)

Only time – and virus restrictions – will tell whether these fixtures will be played on the published dates.

Dave Fox