Tooth and nail, we must continue to keep up the fight against Buckover

May 29 2018

As many voice readers will know by now, the ‘Joint Spatial Plan’, or proposal to see a 3,000 house ‘garden village’ placed on the very fringes of Thornbury, has now been officially submitted to Government.

The next stages and processes involved mean that two independent inspectors have been appointed to assess the ‘soundness’ of the plan. Now as I hope readers are aware by now, as our MP, I share and have campaigned fiercely upon our belief that the proposal to slap such a vast extension on the edge of community, without a clear plan as to support it, is anything but sound.

It is on that basis that I have fought hard at every step; in the early stages with my survey, in parliament raising this with ministers at every opportunity, and at each ‘consultation’ - keeping up the fight alongside campaign groups and residents alike.

It has been a long drawn out fight, and we have had some success along the way, with Government, after many meetings, refusing to support direct or indirect bids to seek practical help for the Council to ‘get it over the line’ however despite this, the proposals have slowly ground forward. 

Now as the process takes us to this next crucial stage, I have again gone back into the fray, and have demanded that as part of this next process, that Inspectors take the unusual step and allow our community the time, hearings, and extra days to place extra focus and scrutiny on the Buckover proposals. It is not guaranteed but thanks to your help in filling out my surveys, and your support we have never been stronger in our calls for this opportunity.

Alongside this as I am sure you will be aware the Council is now under fresh leadership, as a new administration led by Councillor Toby Savage (who has lived, was educated and has grown up in Thornbury) takes shape, I will be working alongside him to re-engage on the issue, where a fresh leadership provides a fresh opportunity to take a change of direction for the better.

During this process I can appreciate that many residents may have lost hope in our battle. However as your MP, who has been side by side with residents on this issue, I urge you all to keep the faith for what will be a crucial point in the future of this ill-thought proposal.