Town and parish elections for Thornbury and Almondsbury

April 30 2019
Town and parish elections for Thornbury and Almondsbury

SOME voters in the Thornbury area will be able to elect more than one council this week.

On the same day that the new South Gloucestershire Council is decided, elections will also be taking place for the town and parish councils which represent individual communities in the area.

Elections will take place only in places where the number of would-be councillors is larger than the number of seats up for election.

Where there were not enough candidates to force a contest when nominations closed in April, all those people who had come forward have been elected unopposed.

This includes two wards in Thornbury – the town council’s East and South wards – and the Compton and Cribbs Causeway wards of Almondsbury Parish Council.

Several parish councils serving villages in the Thornbury area will not have any elections because all those who were nominated have been elected unopposed.

They are: Alveston, Aust, Cromhall, Falfield, Oldbury-on-Severn, Olveston, Pilning & Severn Beach, Rockhampton and Tytherington.

However, there will be contests in three Thornbury Town Council wards and one Almondsbury Parish Council ward.

The votes will take place at the same time as voting for South Gloucestershire Council is held on Thursday, May 2, and at the same polling stations.

Residents on the electoral register should by now have received polling cards with the name of the ward which now covers their address.

If you haven’t had one yet, you can still vote, provided you are on the electoral register: call the council on 01454 863030 or email to check.

These are the wards where elections will take place, and the candidates:


Thornbury Town, Central Ward

Geoff Chappell (Conservative)

Benj Emmerson (Liberal Democrats)

Clare Fardell (Liberal Democrats)

Bob Griffin (Liberal Democrats)


Thornbury Town, North East Ward

Ashley Bijster (Liberal Democrats)

Quentin Killey (Conservative)

Pamela Shipp (Liberal Democrats)

Jayne Stansfield (Liberal Democrats)

Stringer Matthew (Liberal Democrats)


Thornbury Town, North West Ward

Helen Harrison (Liberal Democrats)

Shirley Holloway (Liberal Democrats)

Graham Lanfear (Conservative)

Guy Rawlinson (Liberal Democrats)


Almondsbury Parish, Almondsbury Ward

Stephen Barr

Louis Crawley (UKIP Make Brexit Happen)

Tom Crawley (UKIP Make Brexit Happen)

Marion Stooke

Ben Walker (UKIP Make Brexit Happen)

Diane Wilson

Philip Winter (UKIP Make Brexit Happen)


You can read a guide to the Thornbury and Severn Vale ward candidates in the South Gloucestershire Council elections here.