We need to start recycling more of our plastic

May 30 2022
We need to start recycling more of our plastic

Thornbury & Yate MP Luke Hall writes for the Voice

WE should be immensely proud that South Gloucestershire Council has one of the best recycling rates in the South West, and indeed the entire country.

Our area was recently placed in the top five council areas of its kind for recycling rates, reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill each year.

However, in South Gloucestershire there is a glaring omission in our recycling ability, as soft plastics are currently not collected as part of our household waste.

Whilst cans, cardboard and clothes all regularly line our streets on collection day, so many everyday items, such as plastic bags, crisp packets, pet food pouches and yoghurt pots are not collected.
This is why I have launched a soft plastic campaign, with the support of the community, to secure this type of recycling for our towns and villages.

Whilst some local shops are already offering this service, for many of our rural communities this is difficult to access regularly, and household collections would dramatically improve our recycling rates.
Excitingly, South Gloucestershire Council have submitted a bid for our area to be included in a pilot scheme that is due to be launched, which would see soft plastic recycling trialled in our area, with collections from the kerbside.

This would be a real, positive step to help reduce household waste and protect our environment.

As well as writing to DEFRA to ask for full support for our local bid, I have also met with the Minister for Nature Recovery and the Domestic Environment, so we can ensure South Gloucestershire Council is part of this exciting programme.
We have an opportunity to build on our already-impressive recycling record and I will keep our community updated on the progress and hopeful success of our bid.

Nationally, work is continuing to tackle plastic waste, and the Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan has committed to work towards all plastic packaging placed on the market being recyclable or reusable by 2025.
Steps have also been taken to boost the market for plastic recycling, including the Plastic Packaging Tax in April 2022, which will see a charge of £200 per tonne on plastic packaging with less than 30 recycled content.

If you would like to find out more information about our soft plastic campaign, and to sign my petition to bring this type of recycling to South Gloucestershire, please do visit my website at www.lukehall.org.uk.