Your views on the closure of Thornbury High Street

September 04 2020

The closure of Thornbury High Street to through traffic has been highly controversial. The Voice asked readers for your views last month. Here is what you had to say:

Whilst I understand the ‘idea’ behind closing the High Street and that, if we had better weather and a more al fresco culture, sitting and eating outside could be lovely, it is not and unfortunately has never been busy enough to warrant closing the road. Traders are suffering, access is restricted and the impression visitors now get when arriving through Thornbury is not great when they could have been able to drive past the lovely historic buildings on the High Street.

I am horrified by the amount of traffic on the road past Aldi and on to Tesco - the queues at these roundabouts are ridiculous already and some of the turnings are quite dangerous.
I was very willing to ‘give the changes a go’ but as a resident of the town for 30+ years I am not impressed!

Hannah Digby


What a total disregard for democracy! The powers that be took a decision without any public consultation or prior notice. This is what it is like living in a state-controlled environment – totally unacceptable.

When I went down to the High Street last week, I could only find a parking space in the lower part of the car park – a very steep hill to walk up in order to visit the doctors surgery. My wife and myself are in our 70’s and find that kind of climb quite difficult.

Surely, a much better system would be to make the High Street a one way traffic system, allowing some parking and stopping the High Street becoming a 'no-go' area.

Until this issue is settled, we are finding parking at Yate and Bradley Stoke much easier – Thornbury traders might struggle or even go out of business.

Colin Wyborn



 I love it. It’s much safer, as some people were walking in the street to give people 2 metres' space; others weren’t, which is also dangerous. Having pubs and cafes spilling out into the open air is lovely, and much better for you. I would feel more inclined to have lunch out if I could sit outside. It would also be nice to put awnings down the street, in case it was really sunny or drizzly. It works well in Bath, and abroad.

Julia Ottley


I avoid Thornbury High Street with my grandchildren: swearing drunks and a confusing road is not where I want to take them.

I choose to drive further to Chipping Sodbury, where it is a clear road and drinking is in rear pub gardens.

Thornbury High Street is a mess; it should have stayed open for all the elderly who used to drive there and now don't.

Helen Andrews


I feel very strongly that the High St should be reopened but if you listen to Toby Savage and Luke Hall, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, because the road is closed to enable social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Nobody in the world can change things at the moment. No suggestion will be given due consideration.
Under normal conditions I would have no objection to the High Street being made one way up, with diagonal parking for cars and the reinstatement of the bus stop.

How ridiculous is the new position of the bus stop opposite Aldi. Next to a busy pedestrian crossing, with no pull-in bay!

No consideration has been given to pedestrian visibility or traffic congestion.
Pam Benson


I personally think one-way for the high street would be worth implementing. Two way causes restrictive congestion due to people disregarding the double-yellow lines. With the advent of bigger cars this makes it more difficult.

Having said all this, if the car parks could be improved with definite markings, people would enjoy the walk to the shops. Another idea is that parking in the High Street could be at an angle, making more room. While on parking, could we look into a separate area for larger cars, ie separate from the smaller ones in the car parks?

Mr R Evans


I write to strongly support the pedestrianisation of the High Street. Once the new street furniture is installed, the street will be a much more attractive retail destination than it has been. Obviously, various issues need to be resolved, but I believe this opens up the opportunity of regular street markets and events, and supports Thornbury's aim of being a greener place to live. Thornbury is changing, with an increased population. Let's get behind these proposals and look to the future.

Helen Ball

Thornbury resident for 20 years.


Both myself and husband are disabled, with walking aids, and holders of the blue badge. To be awarded this badge, one of the requirements is that you are unable to walk without aids for 100 yards, and even with aids you are severely restricted.

Our independence has been taken away: this trial of the High Street is laid out with no consideration for disabled parking.

The High Street was a busy and bustling place, and that is what made it so unique. The occupants of those parked vehicles were obviously spending their money in our shops.

If you are able bodied, enjoy cafes, public houses, and ride a bicycle or scooter

then you will enjoy the changes, but please think of all our wonderful other independent shopkeepers,

Pamela and Roy Wood