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Parents pull together to support struggling schools

Parents are rallying to support Castle and Marlwood schools after a bleak portrayal of the challenges they face in the BBC2 documentary ‘School’.  

At Castle School, parents have decided to set up a formal organisation to raise extra money after the programmes laid out the extent of the school’s financial problems.  

Both schools have received cakes from parents for their staff rooms and messages of thanks have poured in, congratulating staff for taking part in the programme and thanking them for their hard work.

The six part series features four schools managed by CSET (Castle School Education Trust).  The production company ‘Label1’ was given access to film staff and pupils for the whole of last year. 

Will Roberts, who heads CSET said there are more than 110 parents involved. “They want to do fundraising and some work on the grounds.  Maybe it took something like this programme to be a rallying point.”  


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