Local election results: Thornbury

VOTERS in Thornbury delivered another victory for the Liberal Democrats – and pushed the Conservatives into last place, behind the Greens and Labour.

Turnout increased to 40% from 39% in 2019, with almost 4,400 voters taking part on May 4.

Four years ago the seat had been a two-horse race between the Lib Dems and Tories, but this year one Green Party and one Labour candidate stood.

And while the Lib Dems again won at a canter, with third-placed candidate Jayne Stansfield elected by a margin of 1,659 votes, it was the Greens’ Jen Gash who placed fourth, 259 votes ahead of Labour’s Alasdair Weekes.

That left the Tories in the last three places, with leading candidate Olivia Owusu-Antwi 57 votes behind Labour.

Full results:

Election CandidatePartyVotes%
Maggie TyrrellLiberal Democrats271823%Elected
Chris DaviesLiberal Democrats268223%Elected
Jayne StansfieldLiberal Democrats267922%Elected
Jen GashGreen Party10209%Not elected
Alasdair Ian WeekesLabour Party7616%Not elected
Olivia Owusu-AntwiConservative Party7046%Not elected
Janet Selina Deirdre BuxtonConservative Party6806%Not elected
John Dudley BuxtonConservative Party6726%Not elected
Figures from South Gloucestershire Council

Pictured: Winning Liberal Democrat candidates Maggie Tyrrell, Chris Davies and Jayne Stansfield