Manorbrook Out of School Club’s ‘exceptional’ teamwork is praised

AN out of school club in Thornbury has been praised for its work with under 11s.

Manorbrook Out of School Club (MOSC) has been running since 1999 at the school in Park Road.  An Ofsted inspection in March this year found it met the quality and standards required of early years providers.

Inspector Stella Orfanidou said children “eagerly” look forward to joining the club once their regular school day ends.

Her report said: “All children, including those children with special educational needs or disabilities, arrive happily, accompanied by the play leaders, and engage in activities that appeal to them.”

She said the children showed excellent communication skills, were sociable and confident and built close friendships with each other.

They also demonstrated their ability to interact with unfamiliar individuals too, for example, eagerly sharing their preferred activities at the club with the inspector.

The inspector said club manager Karen Peacey and her staff actively promoted a healthy lifestyle for children, with a focus on nutrition. 

She said: “Children are given a variety of healthy snack options, such as wraps, and staff encourage them to be independent by choosing their own snacks and preparing their food, including adding fruit and vegetable sticks.

“The manager and staff provide excellent support for children with SEND.

“They work together with teachers from the school, parents and other professionals to ensure that children have the support they need and make specific arrangements in the playroom to ensure that the equipment and environment caters to the individual needs of each child.

“There is indoor and outdoor play including group games involving music and movement, learning the importance of adhering to game rules.” 

Karen was praised for gathering feedback from staff, parents and children, to evaluate the effectiveness of the club, and for maintaining frequent communication with the trustees, who participate in staff meetings to better understand any issues concerning the club.

The inspector said teamwork among staff was “exceptional”.

Karen said she was delighted with the report, adding: “The inspector spent time with children, parents and staff and the detailed observations she made during her time with us are clearly set out in the report. 

“We are particularly proud that the report reflects how much children enjoy their time at MOSC and the strong sense of teamwork and commitment that is shown by our staff team. 

“We work very hard to provide a safe, welcoming and fun environment in the club and we are very pleased to see this recognised through our latest inspection.”

The club is looking for more play assistants and workers to join its team.

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